Permits & Forms

Ridley Park Permit Forms & Applications

Ridley Park’s Borough Code is now available online. Click Here

*Please note that permit fees are DOUBLED when starting a job without a permit in YOUR POSSESSION.*

You can save and e-mail completed permits to .

If you have questions about whether your project requires a permit or not,
please call Borough Hall BEFORE beginning the project. 610-532-2100 ext. 103

Building & Construction Application

Please include Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance with ALL application submission

 Permit Application

This is for ALL permit types (building, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, fences, pools, sheds, etc)

Commercial Contractors License 

Required for all commercial jobs as well as sub-contractors, the fee is $50

Dumpster Application 

A dumpster is permit is REQUIRED when placing a dumpster or POD in the street.


Application for Appropriateness

For requested changes to a Historic Home. Please allow ample time for this application.

Rental/Residential Inspection Applications

Residential Sale Application

$100 for the first inspection, $50 for every reoccurring inspection.

Rental Application

$100 per unit for the first and second inspection, $50 per unit for every reoccurring inspection after the first two.

U&O Rental Application Check List

This checklist is for BOTH Resales and Rental properties.

Other Applications & Forms

Peddlers Application

$100 per application, good for 6 months. A peddlers’ permit is REQUIRED when going door to door in Ridley Park. The only exempt groups are religious organizations and political organizations

Shade Tree Permit

A permit shall be required to cut down or to do major pruning to a Shade Tree. Shade Tree’s are any tree that is between the sidewalk and the street.

Bench Donation Form

For benches located in the Business District, Lake Area and Veterans Park.

Block Party Permit Application

A permit to host a block party in Ridley Park Borough. Must be signed by all neighbors and approved at a Borough Council Meeting.

Park and Facility Application

A permit for parks and other Borough Facilities

Hall Rental Application

Permit to rent Borough Hall Community Room. Please call Borough Hall for availability.  

Handicap Parking Spot

Application for on street handicap parking spot